W.S.G. Abacus, the study association for Applied Mathematics at the University of Twente, annually organizes a symposium oriented on mathematics. This year we have the great honor of organizing a National Mathematics Symposium (NWS) (Nationaal Wiskunde Symposium). This NWS will take place in Enschede on Friday the 4th of June 2021. The theme of this year’s NWS will be “Find your limit”. We are currently still optimistic about being able to organize this symposium in real-life and welcome everybody to Enschede.

During the current pandemic humankind, society, companies and many more things are pushed to find their limits. Social distancing and other measures were applied based on mathematical models about the pandemic. While we believe enough is being spoken about the limiting factors of this pandemic, we became very interested in other limits that humans, society and mathematics encounter. Some interesting talks during this NWS will cover (among others):

-the limit of social media (fake news)

-the limit of the human life span

-the limit of the scientific notation of numbers

You can enroll for the symposium here. You will then be welcome to join the NWS, including many interesting presentations and cases, and a free lunch. The full programme of the day can be found here. You will also find some information about all lectures and lecturers there.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at nws@abacus.utwente.nl.