All roads lead to Abacus…

Monday 30 september 2019 15:39

On November 19th, Abacus has its fiftieth anniversary! That week will be full of events to celebrate the tenth lustrum with you.


We will bring you back to the Ancient Ages. The era of clay tablets, abaci and mosaic, as well as the basis of our exact language. Anno MCMLXIX, W.S.G. Abacus was established. Now, L years and many highlights later, it's time to celebrate our immortality with the following events.


Monday: Reception

Tuesday: Cake Lunch, Mosaic Workshop

Wednesday: Drink in Drink, Open Party

Thursday: Hungry Hangover, Olympic Games

Friday: FriAD+


Furthermore, there will be a Lustrum Cantus and you can buy your own Lustrum Sweatpants.


We look forward to celebrating our golden anniversary with you! Long live Abacus!