Board 2016 - 2017 Placed on 7 September 2016

On tuesday the 6th of September, the 49th board of W.S.G. Abacus is constituted as follows:


Lotte Weedage - Chairman
Maaike van de Ven - Secretary & officer External Affairs
Wouter van Harten - Treasurer & officer Booksales
Steven Horstink - Officer Internal Affairs & officer Educational affairs
Wilbert Rossi - General Adjunct

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Candidate board 2016-2017 Placed on 21 April 2016

The 48th board of Wiskundig Studiegenootschap Abacus has the pleasure to announce the candidate board for the 49th board. We expect them to be constituted as follows on the 6th of September:

Chairman - Lotte Weedage

Secretary & Officer External Affairs - Maaike van de Ven

Treasurer & Officer Booksales - Wouter van Harten

Officer Internal & Educational Affairs - Steven Horstink

General Adjunct - Wilbert Rossi

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Date Bachelor graduation ceremony Placed on 20 April 2016

The date for the Bachelor graduation ceremony has been set: Friday 28th October 2016. The ceremony will take place in the Waaier from 14.00 o'clock. So you should write this in your agenda, if you want to personally sign your diploma.


Of course there will be a drink afterwards, the location is the SmartXP.

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