Baby news! Placed on 9 June 2017

We are excited to announce that an Abacus baby is born! Matthias Schlottbom, the candidate-general adjunct has become father on the 2nd of June of his beautiful daughter Carlotta. His wife and kids are doing great. We wish them lots of love and happiness in their family.

Temporary new bachelor coordinator Placed on 18 May 2017

Stefanie Kraanen, our bachelor coordinator, is on maternity leave, so she will be out of office for the coming while. That's why the study temporarily assigned Jitske Rijken as such. You can read all about her in the Educational newsletter, also where you can find her. The newsletter can be found at Education > News > 18 May 2017

We wish Stefanie all the best and we trust in Jitske as our new B.C.!

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Candidate board 2017-2018 Placed on 10 May 2017

The 49th board of Wiskundig Studiegenootschap Abacus has the pleasure to announce the candidate board for the 50th board. We expect them to be constituted as follows on the 5th of September:

Chairman & Officer Educational Affairs - Mariya Karlashchuk

Secretary & Officer External Affairs - David de Haan

Treasurer & Officer Internal Affairs - Ruben de Baaij

General Adjunct - Matthias Schlottbom

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