As a study association we care a lot about the quality of education. Therefore we organize a Applied Mathematics Student Feedback Meeting (TWiST) when necessary. Here, we discuss all the business concerning the study programme and educational services.

Below you can find a short explanation of some parts of the education website.


Every quartile, the study programme in cooperation with Abacus issues the educational newsletter. In here you can find evaluations of past modules, teachers also tell what the liked and what they will be improved next year. In this newsletter all planned changes within the programme will be introduced.


The chairs with their corresponding chair holders take care of the education in the master. Talk to one of the chair holders in case you want to know more about the master.
In 2021 an information session was organised in which all three specializations of the master AM told about the courses and research in their specialization. The recording of this session can be found for members on the Abacloud -> Standard Documents -> Study information 2021.

TWiST minutes

You can find all the minutes of the Applied Mathematics Student Feedback Meeting (TWiST) of the last years here. All current problems and changes within the bachelor or master will be dealt with in a TWiST. Every student is welcome and can give his or her opinion about the quality of the education, so improvements can be made.

Documents & Regulations

All regulations, i.e. the bachelor-before-master-rule and the Binding Study Recommendation (BSA), which apply to your progamme can be found here. As well as the Education and Examination Regulations, you can look at all the documents here, so you know what rules you should follow, what the programme should offer you and how you can compensate.

Educational support

The university offers a lot of support but it can be hard to find information about it. Therefore, an overview of the educational and mental support that is offered, is collected here.

If you have any other questions and/or remarks don’t hesitate to contact the officer Educational Affairs, or go the website of the bachelor or master.