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Room closed until further noticeWednesday 14 October 2020 22:50

Due to the new corona measures we have decided to close the abacus room and the service desk until further notice. The university urges us to work/study as much as possible from home, so we as board will do that. Of course we are still available for all questions, complaints etc via WhatsApp or Discord. We hope to welcome you in Educafé soon, but for now, stay safe and stay home!

Much love,
The 53rd board of W.S.G. Abacus


On Tuesday the 1st of September, the 53rd board of W.S.G. Abacus is constituted as follows:Friday 4 September 2020 10:04

Daan Velthuis - Chairman

Luuk van der Werf -  Secretary & Officer Internal Affairs

Daan Pluister - Treasurer

Jorn de Jong -  Officer External Affairs

Anouk Beursgens - Officer Educational Affairs

Clara Stegehuis - General Adjunct


Obituary Dr. Harry AartsSunday 16 August 2020 19:02

With pain in our hearts, we share that Dr. Harry Aarts passed away last Sunday, the 9th of August. He was 59 years old.

Harry, who graduated as mathematician in Nijmegen, obtained his PhD at the University of Twente in 1994. As a teacher, he was a member of the Discrete Mathematics and Mathematical Programming group. He worked for the University of Twente for almost 25 years.

Although Harry had outstanding qualities as a researcher, his true passion was teaching. His unique qualities as a teacher led to no less than five teaching awards. Apart from that, Harry had a major responsibility in the mathematics component of all engineering programmes of the university.

Harry had to give up his fight against cancer, that started in 2018. We'll deeply miss his quiet presence and performance, his friendly nature, his humor and his smile. Many students highly valued his lectures.

Our deepest sympathies go to his family and friends.

On behalf of the board,

Linda, Martijn, Sanne, Marjolein and Tugce. 


Flowers from the Education committeeFriday 26 June 2020 14:58

The past weeks, the Education committee has rewarded several employees with a bouquet of flowers. They deserve this because of their hard work for the students and the effort that they put in their work 

The first one to receive a bouquet was Pranab Mandal. He has only been the programme director of AM for half a year and is working on the implementation of TOM 2.0. With that, he now also has to deal with the current Covid-19 situation. These have a quite a lot of workload and having to juggle both definitely deserves a bouquet! 

Also, Jasper de Jong has received some flowers. He always puts a lot of effort in his lectures and is very enthusiastic about his topics. This motivates students and he is also very involved in the student's interests. For all this, a colorful bouquet of flowers is in the right place.

Furthermore, Lilian Spijker, our study advisor, received flowers too. Even though she is not a teacher, she still does a lot for students in the background, especially in these times.

Last but not least, Gjerrit Meinsma received the most votes in our poll. Due to the current situation, lectures have to be given in another form. The students’ opinion is that Gjerrit has very clear online lectures and responses to his email quickly if student's have questions. For dealing with this situation so well, it deserves flowers.

Thank you all for your effort and hard work. Keep it up!


FAQ - AM Q&ATuesday 26 May 2020 14:34

Dear students,

At the moment there are many questions regarding the current form of education and related issues like TEM 2.0. Afterward the Q&A of Pranab Mandal of last week the following document was set up. This is meant to answer the most common questions. If there is anything you would like to know that is not mentioned in the document you can always get into contact with the officer of educational affairs (Linda ten Klooster), the study advisor (Lilian Spijker), or anyone else, depending on the question.

Here is the link to the document with frequently asked questions.


Candidate board 2020-2021Wednesday 6 May 2020 21:02

The 52nd board of Wiskundig Studiegenootschap Abacus has the pleasure to announce the candidate board for the 53rd board. We expect them to be constituted as follows on the 1st of September:

Chairman - Daan Velthuis

Secretary & Officer Internal Affairs - Luuk van der Werf

Treasurer - Daan Pluister

Officer External Affairs - Jorn de Jong

Officer Educational Affairs - Anouk Beursgens

General Adjunct - Clara Stegehuis


Corona virus and consequences for AbacusFriday 13 March 2020 16:55

[Update 23/04/2020]

With this message we would like to inform you about the current state of Abacus and its activities the coming month, due to the Corona virus. As you probably all know, the university decided to cancel all educational related activities until the 1st of June. The government and RIVM also strongly advice to not organise and/or visit social gatherings. 

We have decided to follow these guidelines and therefore we want to inform you that the Abacus room will not be open until at least the 1st of June until further notice. We will inform you about this as soon as possible. This also means that from now on all activities of Abacus are cancelled up and until the 1st of June. If you are already enrolled for an activity in this time period, then we will unenrol you and no costs will be incurred.

For all committee members, if you have questions about what this means for your committee please contact the board responsible of your committee. 

We ask you to check your Canvas page as regularly as possible and check the UT mails concerning Corona carefully. Besides this, study advisors are still available for appointments. Contact them for concerns about your Binding Study Advice and/or study delay.

And in general if you have any questions please contact the board via board@abacus.utwente.nl

Kind regards,

The board of W.S.G. Abacus 


Educational bouquet for Jan Willem PoldermanThursday 19 December 2019 16:04

This wednesday morning, the Education committee rewarded Dr. Jan Willem Polderman with a bouquet. For 11.5 years, Jan Willem has been the programme director of AM. In this time, he had worked on many issues, like the implementation of TOM and the internationalisation of the study. Jan Willem has always been very kind to the students and kept in touch with them. We will luckily still get to enjoy his teaching, and also wish him luck on his next job at Industrial Design.
Congratulations and enjoy it!


Notice of the www.comFriday 29 November 2019 12:38

Tonight the login on the website will be turned off for most members. The service the UT provided is being shut down. Former students, board and employees can still log in. We hope to restore the login next week.


When you want to enroll for activities, you can do that on the terminal or by texting the board. For the christmas dinner this won't be necessary, since you can still enroll on the website for that.

When you want to submit a quote, please sent it to the board.


Matters publicly unavailable will not be accessible until the login is restored.


Sorry for this inconvenience.


All roads lead to Abacus…Monday 30 September 2019 15:39

On November 19th, Abacus has its fiftieth anniversary! That week will be full of events to celebrate the tenth lustrum with you.


We will bring you back to the Ancient Ages. The era of clay tablets, abaci and mosaic, as well as the basis of our exact language. Anno MCMLXIX, W.S.G. Abacus was established. Now, L years and many highlights later, it's time to celebrate our immortality with the following events.


Monday: Reception

Tuesday: Cake Lunch, Mosaic Workshop

Wednesday: Drink in Drink, Open Party

Thursday: Hungry Hangover, Olympic Games

Friday: FriAD+


Furthermore, there will be a Lustrum Cantus and you can buy your own Lustrum Sweatpants.


We look forward to celebrating our golden anniversary with you! Long live Abacus!