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Baby news!Friday 9 June 2017 11:48

We are excited to announce that an Abacus baby is born! Matthias Schlottbom, the candidate-general adjunct has become father on the 2nd of June of his beautiful daughter Carlotta. His wife and kids are doing great. We wish them lots of love and happiness in their family.


Temporary new bachelor coordinatorThursday 18 May 2017 15:56

Stefanie Kraanen, our bachelor coordinator, is on maternity leave, so she will be out of office for the coming while. That's why the study temporarily assigned Jitske Rijken as such. You can read all about her in the Educational newsletter, also where you can find her. The newsletter can be found at Education > News > 18 May 2017

We wish Stefanie all the best and we trust in Jitske as our new B.C.!


Candidate board 2017-2018Wednesday 10 May 2017 17:33

The 49th board of Wiskundig Studiegenootschap Abacus has the pleasure to announce the candidate board for the 50th board. We expect them to be constituted as follows on the 5th of September:

Chairman & Officer Educational Affairs - Mariya Karlashchuk

Secretary & Officer External Affairs - David de Haan

Treasurer & Officer Internal Affairs - Ruben de Baaij

General Adjunct - Matthias Schlottbom


New bachelor coordinatorFriday 16 December 2016 15:07

On Thursday, December 15th, we thanked Brigit Geveling for all her hard work as our beloved bachelor coordinator in the form of a drink. Some people gave speeches and she received some gifts, including a gift from the students of course. She has done a wonderful job but to all good things come an end.

But that doesn't mean that no new good things will come! We now welcome our new bachelor coordinator: Stefanie Kraanen. On the 24th of January you will get the chance to get to know her during a Researcher Researched. We wish her good luck and we're sure that she will help a lot of students!


Vote for the AMEC!Friday 9 December 2016 15:02

It's time to vote for your favourite teacher again! The voting for the AMEC (also known as TWOP) has opened but this time, there's a new way to do so: go to Education > AMEC. There you can specify your year and fill in three teachers that you think are the best teachers of Applied Mathematics. Easy, quick and fancy (thanks!).


Board 2016 - 2017Wednesday 7 September 2016 14:54

On tuesday the 6th of September, the 49th board of W.S.G. Abacus is constituted as follows:


Lotte Weedage - Chairman
Maaike van de Ven - Secretary & officer External Affairs
Wouter van Harten - Treasurer & officer Booksales
Steven Horstink - Officer Internal Affairs & officer Educational affairs
Wilbert Rossi - General Adjunct


Candidate board 2016-2017Thursday 21 April 2016 11:26

The 48th board of Wiskundig Studiegenootschap Abacus has the pleasure to announce the candidate board for the 49th board. We expect them to be constituted as follows on the 6th of September:

Chairman - Lotte Weedage

Secretary & Officer External Affairs - Maaike van de Ven

Treasurer & Officer Booksales - Wouter van Harten

Officer Internal & Educational Affairs - Steven Horstink

General Adjunct - Wilbert Rossi


Date Bachelor graduation ceremonyWednesday 20 April 2016 13:01

The date for the Bachelor graduation ceremony has been set: Friday 28th October 2016. The ceremony will take place in the Waaier from 14.00 o'clock. So you should write this in your agenda, if you want to personally sign your diploma.


Of course there will be a drink afterwards, the location is the SmartXP.


Pi day bake offThursday 10 March 2016 12:02

As the study association for Applied Mathematics there will of course be something special organized for this mathematical holiday! On the 14th of March (3/14) it's Pi day so there will be pie at Abacus. Members can compete in the bake off. The best pie or cake will get a nice prize. For the members who can't bake a cake there is another job: tasting all the cakes!

You can sign up for the bake off on the sign up list at Abacus. If you bake a cake you can a compensation of maximum €5.



StudytripSaturday 27 February 2016 08:55

Today is the first day of our studytrip. Curious to know what is going on during the trip? You can find a blog in Dutch on